Quality Resource Kit for First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care

Learn about the Quality Resource Kit and how it supports home and community care programs. Find out how to order a copy.

Quality Resource Kit summary

First Nations and Inuit home and community care's Quality Resource Kit was completed and distributed in March 2012. The intent of the kit is to assist home care programs to implement a quality improvement process. The kit is designed to be a practical, relevant, and useful resource that improves the quality of care provided to home and community care clients and is comprised of 5 handbooks.

Handbook 1: Introduction to quality

Handbook 1 is an introduction to the concept of Quality and quality improvement (QI), with a focus on how QI can enhance care in the home and community care program. The handbook also provides background on the development of the kit and outlines its structure and use.

Handbook 2: Quality and quality improvement: Theory and tools

Handbook 2 focuses on the theory and processes involved in carrying out QI and provides a detailed rationale for QI and its related activities. The QI Approach and Steps to QI are also discussed with a focus on the use of the PDSA (plan, do, study and act) cycle.

Handbook 3: Risk and risk management: Theory and tools

Handbook 3 focuses on the concepts and practices of risk management. The definition of risk and the types of risks that can occur in home and community care programs are discussed as well as tips and tools for effective risk management.

Handbook 4: Electronic resources and references

Handbook 4 contains all of the references and templates showcased throughout the kit that are useful resources for quality improvement and risk management.

Handbook 5: Glossary

Handbook 5 provides definitions for the terminology used throughout the kit.

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