First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plans

The First Nations Infrastructure Investment Plan (FNIIP) helps Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) assess infrastructure needs and strategically plan infrastructure investments in First Nation communities across Canada.

First Nation infrastructure investment plans are how ISC manages Capital Facilities and Maintenance Program (CFMP) funding. These investment plans are developed in partnership with First Nations and based on community-identified infrastructure needs. First Nations can make adjustments to their plan throughout the year as community, project, and financial circumstances change.

The deadline for a First Nation to submit their infrastructure investment plan to a regional office is September 30 of each year.

Investments are prioritized through the National Priority Ranking Framework, a planning tool that helps direct funding to the highest priorities using a consistent and transparent process across all regions. Higher-ranked projects are placed in earlier years of the plan, while lower-ranked projects are placed in later years. The amount of money available to support projects identified in the FNIIP varies from year to year because of time-limited, targeted funding programs. FNIIP is not a funding program but rather a planning tool for managing investments in First Nation infrastructure.

How to apply

Regional offices are the primary contact for First Nations to develop their infrastructure investment plans.

Contact your ISC regional office to learn more.

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