University and College Entrance Preparation Program

University and College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP) aims to enable First Nations students to attain the academic level required for entrance into degree and diploma credit programs, as prioritized and directed by First Nations.

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About the program

This program provides non-repayable financial support for First Nations students, registered under the Indian Act, who are enrolled in accepted university and college entrance preparation programs.

The results of this program will enable First Nations students to achieve levels of post-secondary education comparable to non-Indigenous students in Canada.

Funding for this program is provided to First Nations or First Nations-designated organizations as part of core funding agreements with Indigenous governments and organizations.

Eligible recipients are responsible for determining the selection criteria and funding allocations in accordance with the provisions of their funding agreement and national program guidelines.

Eligible costs covered by the program can include:

Who can apply

Status First Nations post-secondary students who maintain satisfactory academic standing within an eligible post-secondary institution.

Funding is limited and not all students may be funded. Partial funding may be provided. Applications are valid for 1 school year only.

To learn more, contact your local band office or ISC regional office.

Inuit students who formerly received funding through UCEPP should apply through the Inuit Post-Secondary Education Strategy.


Contact your local band office or ISC regional office to find out when to apply for funding.

How to apply

First Nations students who want to pursue post-secondary studies and access available funding programs should contact their local band office or ISC regional office.

To learn more, consult Post-Secondary Student Support Program and University and College Entrance Preparation Program: National Guidelines 2024 to 2025.

National program guidelines for previous year

Additional financial assistance for Indigenous students

The Canada Student Financial Assistance Program offers grants and loans to full-time and part-time students to help pay for their post-secondary education.

To apply with your province or territory, please visit: Canada Student Grants and Loans.

Other resources for financial assistance:

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